ZNDP 015 – How you can identify your requirements?

Plan to spend 4 minutes to read!

Hey Ziglets, welcome back!!  It feels like its been forever.  For today’s episode of the Zigbits Network Design Podcast, we are going to answer the question “How you can identify your requirements?”.  Before we jump into that, we have some updates.  Lets get started!

Einstein Time…You are Time!

Plan to spend 6 minutes to read!

Over the last week I have been listening to the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks which was a huge suggestion by Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Answerman.  You can find all of Gay’s content on his website at Hendricks.com.  You can find a quick list of Gay’s publications here.  You can check out all of Cliff’s content on his website at Podcastanswerman.com. 

There are a number of huge take away’s from Gay’s book The Big Leap which I will be talking about over the next few months or so as I fully peel back each area within his book to properly implement in my life.