Donate to Zigbits

Hey Ziglets, Nerds, and Geeks!!

We’ve added the “Donate to Zigbits” page because a few Ziglets wanted to donate to the Zigbits Brand and we didn’t have a way to do this at that time. This is something that is not mandatory or a requirement for any reason.

If you like what we are doing, if you are enjoying the content we are producing and you want to give back to the Zigbits Brand, share our content with someone you believe would benefit and enjoy it.

If after that, you still want to give a monetary donation please feel free to select the Paypal Donate button below.  While you are donating, please leave a message in the message box so we can acknowledge your donation in one of our upcoming Podcast episodes or Blog entries. Thank you for your donation!

We appreciate each and everyone of you!