Network Collective & Network Nirvana

Welcome back Ziglets!

In today’s Zigbit we are going to be showcasing the new community show called The Network Collective and what effect a show like this will have on the Network Community.  Lets get started!

This past week I was invited to the inaugural episode of The Network Collective hosted by Jordan Martin, Eyvonne Sharp, and Phil Gervasi.  The guests for this first episode included Carl Fugate, Jody Lemoine, and myself; Michael Zsiga.  The overall theme of the episode was around the top 10 network blunders that the round table has had in our collective years in the Network Field, about 100 with some quick math.  The episode itself was great and amazing, even though I personally wasn’t talking very much, I was getting as much out of this episode by listening to the rest of the round table as any other listener of the show would. I highly recommend taking the time to watch and/or listen to this episode, as I believe everyone can take something away from it! The Network Collective – Episode 1: Top 10 Ways to Break Your Network.

What does this really mean?

This post isn’t necessarily to fully discuss this episode’s comment by comment, laugh by laugh, or blunder by blunder which I could do and it would be pretty entertaining but I am not.  Today’s post is more focused on what this show means within the Network industry.  Let’s think about what happens when you have a group of highly skilled and highly experienced engineers, put into a forum such as The Network Collective show?!?!  I’m sure the majority of us network engineers out there can related to the “on the whim” technical discussions that transpire in the hallway, at dinner, at the bar, on the phone, or any other random location that is not conducive to remembering what was actually discussed.  In these locations and at these times we have moments of highly technical discussions that turn into great designs, answers to problems, and often more questions that are then timely answered.  Things are said and “whiteboarded” on napkins here that are not always repeatable or remembered just a few hours later, let alone the next day.

How do we capture these moments?

I’ve been asking myself this question for years and this week I feel like there is a new answer, a path to capturing these moments of what I would like to call the “Network Nirvana”.  Shows specifically like The Network Collective are starting to put the people together, the ingredients, which will naturally create these moments of the “Network Nirvana” that will be recorded and watched for years to come.  These shows are honest, rich, and raw; directly giving back to this community that we all love. The Network Collective is the beginning of something amazing just like the Packetpusher’s podcast was when it started 10 years ago, and still is today.

As I’m sure most of you can tell by my writing, I have very high expectations for The Network Collective, both as a contributor and as a listener of the show and other shows just like it.  A huge kudos goes to Jordan, Eyvonne, and Phil for creating a Next Generation show!

Alright, until next time Ziglets keep it nerdy, and I promise the next Zigbit is coming soon!

Michael “Zig” Zsiga II, CCDE™ 2016::32, CCIE™ #44883 has been in the networking industry a little over 15 years. He is currently a Lead Technical Architect at ePlus in the New England region of the United States. Zig holds an active CCDE and two CCIE certifications, one in Routing and Switching and the second in Service Provider. Zig also holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Park University. Zig is a father, a husband, a United States Marine, a gamer, a nerd, a geek and a big soccer fan. Zig loves all technology and can usually be found in the lab learning and teaching others. Zig is a co-organizer of The Boston Network Operators Group (, runs multiple CCIE Study groups, and is a newly published author. Zig lives in New Hampshire, USA with his wife, Julie and their son Gunnar.