ZNDP 022 – What is a Ziglet?

Ziglet - A Badge of Honor

Hey Friends, Nerds, and Geeks out there, today you are going to find out what a Ziglet is.  Launch your favorite podcatcher app, turn up the volume, queue the DJ…lets get this show on the road!! 

Unintentional Disservice with Ziglet

  • Serving this community
    • I’m here to serve you and serve this community, I’m here to help this community
  • Problem
    • Not explaining what a Ziglet is from my personal perspective
    • Then Forcing the Ziglet identification on you
  • In Summary
    • Not only did I not explain what a Ziglet is and my vision for it, I forced it on you all.
    • Its not going away, I’m just going to change how I go about using it
  • Not how I wanted Ziglet to come across,
    • This show is all about what a Ziglet means to me
    • What are my goals, views, and expectations of the Ziglet branding.
    • Then each of you can determine for yourselves if you would like to self identify as a Ziglet or not.  You have the choice! 🙂

What is a Ziglet?

Goals / Views / Expectations:

  • Words of Endearment
    • Nerd and Geek are words of endearment from my perspective
    • I Wanted something more for you to use, for all of us to use
  • Never wanted to impose it on you
  • The Community
    • We are making a community here, with the different podcasts, with the different Blog Series and I wanted an identification of some sort for those that choice to use it.
    • Maybe a Label and an Icon that meant something more.
  • A Badge of Honor!!

Ziglet - A Badge of Honor

Long Term Plan for Zigbits & Ziglet:

  • We are Building a Brand and a Vision: Zigbits is the brand, with Ziglets being a part of that brand!The Ziglet Brand

The Ziglet Vision





  • A Badge of Honor
  • A proud identification
  • Merchandise
  • Learning as I go

The Term of the Show

  • PIN – Places in the Network

    • Datacenter

    • Transport (WAN)

    • Edge / Access / LAN

    • Border / Internet Edge

    • DMZ

Call to Action:

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Hosted By: Michael “Zig” Zsiga

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Michael “Zig” Zsiga II, CCDE™ 2016::32, CCIE™ #44883 has been in the networking industry a little over 15 years. He is currently a Lead Technical Architect at ePlus in the New England region of the United States. Zig holds an active CCDE and two CCIE certifications, one in Routing and Switching and the second in Service Provider. Zig also holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Park University. Zig is a father, a husband, a United States Marine, a gamer, a nerd, a geek and a big soccer fan. Zig loves all technology and can usually be found in the lab learning and teaching others. Zig is a co-organizer of The Boston Network Operators Group (www.bosnog.org), runs multiple CCIE Study groups, and is a newly published author. Zig lives in New Hampshire, USA with his wife, Julie and their son Gunnar.

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